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We are actively buying articles for the first issue of a new trade journal, Clinical Observations in Acupuncture. During the past several months, we had to turn down many submissions - for which we do apologize to the authors - because they did not fit the content of our publication. If you'd like to sell us an article, please familiarize yourself with what we are looking for.

While our journal is designed for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our primary goal is not to publish formal research studies - there are already plenty of journals on the market that focus on acupuncture research - although our journal's content will be peer-reviewed. The core of our periodical is consistent clinical findings that TCM practitioners rely on in their every-day practice, in other words, tricks of the trade.

If you found, for example, that a specific combination of points has worked particularly well for a certain condition, then we certainly want to know about it. In fact, any related to TCM method that you've found reliable through your own experience is of interest to us.

The article Pulse Diagnosis: a Self-Study Approach published by The American Acupuncturist in the summer of 2008 issue is a good example of what we're looking for.

We understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to make even a small reliable finding, and this is why we are going to pay authors for their contributions.

Clinical Observations in Acupuncture will include the following types of articles:

1) A two-part comprehensive review of a disease or disorder treatable with TCM modalities: one part from the TCM perspective and the other from the Western medical standpoint. Each part should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words. We'll pay between $150 and $250 per part on publication. Please include a 20-qustion quiz at the end of your article.

2) Your method: This article may be of any length, but it must include a detailed description of your technique. Don't be afraid to bore the reader; just make sure that what you describe has a practical application to an acupuncture practitioner. We'll pay between $200 and $400 on publication, depending on how in-depth and valuable to the acupuncture practitioner the article is.

3) Interview with an experienced acupuncturist: Please, keep the interview focused on the diagnosis and/or treatment of only one condition. We'll pay between $200 and $300 on publication, depending on how in-depth and valuable to the acupuncture practitioner the interview is.

We're open to any other ideas and suggestions as long as they may be useful to an acupuncturist in his or her practice.

While we might consider publishing an idea that has practical potential, we prefer theories that you've already tested yourself. Don't feel discouraged if your experience with the technique is limited - all experiences are. But do describe those limitations. For example, if you found that an alternative location of Lu 7 works better for certain patients, include the number of patients on whom you tried your approach and describe their conditions.

Please include with your article a 100-word bio and a two- or three-sentence description of your work, and submit all these materials by using the Article Submission form on this website.

We're looking forward to reading your submissions.


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